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Open beta, 3D track animation and a new logo

A couple of changes to RikiTraki

I would like to share some exciting changes I made to RikiTraki recently.

First, an invitation code is no longer required in order to create an account on RikiTraki so that you can upload your own GPS tracks and associated pictures right away. So essentially it means that we are on open beta now.

Second, the 3D visualization function has been upgraded to enable track animation, which I like to call virtual drone (vDrone), because the follows the GPS track from beginning to end as if a drone device was filming it from above.

And third, I updated the RikiTraki logo to make give the product a little bit of a visual identity.

Open beta

Now, RikiTraki does not require you to get an invitation code in order to register to the site. Instead, you will receive an email that enables you to activate your account before being used. That way, your email is verified, which will allow you to reset your password, in case you forget it. I have updated the blog post where I describe the new registration functionality.

3D track animation (vDrone)

This is a feature I always wanted to have in RikiTraki and finally, I took the time to implement it using the wonderful CesiumJS' library and CZML.

To use it, all you have to do is go to the 3D view of a specific track and click on the “Play” control RikiTraki on the top left part of the visualization area. This action will trigger the animation, which can be paused RikiTraki at any time .

You can control the position of the view camera by just dragging the cursor. Zoom in/out with using the zoom control, or the mouse wheel, or the two-finger gesture on a trackpad.

To speed up the animation, click on the “Faster” RikiTraki control and to slow it down, use the “Slower” RikiTraki control. Use the “Reset view” RikiTraki control to start over.

Notice the progress bar at the bottom right part of the screen, which indicates the relative advance of the animation.


Here you go, an Australian outback hat outline with the RikiTraki word at the bottom.

The Australian outback hat is a great symbol of the outdoors, and I always wear one when I go out hiking.

Ok, that’s it for now. Ah! and I have an exciting announcement to make soon… stay tuned.

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