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RikiTraki Presentation at FOSS4G NA

The final presentation materials of RikiTraki at FOSS4G NA are available here

Before I report of my FOSS4G NA experiences including a quick summary of my favorite talks, here I am posting my final presentation slides:


And below is the annotated YouTube video of the demo part, (including some funky music):

I think the presentation went well. Even though it was a pretty short endeavor, I believe and hope that I was able to get the most important points across.

There wasn’t much time for questions/answers but some folks approached me afterwards, and I was happy to address their queries. I also received some valuable feedback that will lead to some improvements in RikiTraki.

I am super grateful to the FOSS4G-NA organizers for selecting my presentation to be part of the program. It was an honor to be able to speak at such a cool event. I am especially grateful to Sarah Chow and Patrick Cozzi @pjcozzi of Cesium for suggesting me to submit an entry in the first place. Thank you all!

In my next post, I will give a summary of my overall FOSS4G-NA experience.

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